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microcirculation journal
The official journal of Microcirculatory Society, Inc., British Microcirculation Society and the
Australia & New Zealand Microcirculation Society
Editor: Professor Jefferson C. Frisbee
This journal will be online-only as of January 2013

Microcirculation Brings You:
• Innovations in experimental techniques and instrumentation for studying all aspects of microcirculatory structure and function
• Original contributions, adding significant new information on the vascular and lymphatic microcirculation
• State-of-the-art reviews addressing frontier areas or new advances in technology in the fields of microcirculatory disease and function
• Free access to Special Topics Issues articles on relevant topics in the field

Reasons to Submit Your Research to Microcirculation:
• Rapid time to electronic publication, within 5-7 days
• No submission fee
• No cost for page charges
• Free color for all members of affiliated societies

2011 Impact Factor: 2.57


Journal of Vascular ResearchJournal of Vascular Research
State-of-the-art reviews and current research results in all relevant fields of microcirculation, lymphatics and vascular biology
Aims and Scope
The 'Journal of Vascular Research' publishes original articles and reviews of scientific excellence in vascular and microvascular biology, physiology and pathophysiology. The scope of the journal covers a broad spectrum of vascular and lymphatic research, including vascular structure, vascular function, haemodynamics, mechanics, cell signalling, intercellular communication, growth and differentiation

Current Impact Factor: 2.824


Microvascular ResearchMicrovascular Research
Aims and Scope
Microvascular Research
is dedicated to the dissemination of fundamental information related to the microvascular field. Full-length articles presenting the results of original research and brief communications are featured
Research Areas include: • Angiogenesis • Biochemistry • Bioengineering • Biomathematics • Biophysics
• Cancer • Circulatory homeostasis • Comparative physiology • Drug delivery • Neuropharmacology
• Pathology • Rheology

2005 Impact Factor: 2.362


Home page of Endothelium, the Journal of Endothelial Research
Aims and Scope
Endothelium is a multidisciplinary biomedical journal on endothelial cell research, dedicated to the rapid turnaround of significant basic and clinical research on the endothelium, including:

  1. Endothelial-derived biologically active factors involved in the regulation of vascular tone and structure in haemostasis, fibrinolysis, inflammation and immune responses
  2. Structure-function relationships and histology
  3. Interactions of endothelium with other cell types and extracellular matrix/basement membrane
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Molecular and cellular biology, regulation of gene expression, membrane transport, signal transduction mechanisms, endothelial meability, adhesion, and cell surface receptors
  6. Developmental aspects
  7. Physiology
  8. Pharmacology
  9. Immunology
  10. Clinical aspects, pathophysiology, endothelial dysfunction
  11. Techniques

2005 Impact Factor: 2.343


The ONLY Specialist Angiogenesis Journal
Aims and Scope
Angiogenesis is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of top quality original articles and reviews on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate angiogenesis in physiological and pathological conditions. As a central source for rapid communications representing the full spectrum of angiogenesis research, this multidisciplinary journal will publish innovative experimental studies using molecular, in vitro, animal model systems and clinical investigations of angiogenic diseases. Angiogenesis will also report on novel therapeutic approaches to promote or inhibit angiogenesis as well as new markers and techniques for disease diagnosis and prognosis.